Angler's Combo - Big SNIP and Super SNIP

Product Description

The Angler's combo is the best of both worlds for those who split their time between fresh and salt water fishing. The Big SNIP's larger size easily cuts through 150lb braid and 250lb mono/fluoro lines in just one snip, and the rust resistant stainless steel blades are built to last! The Super SNIP is our most innovative SNIP yet, featuring a UV LED Light, Integrated Fish Hook Eye Cleaner, retractable reel and 400 series stainless steel long blades. 

Each feature a carabiner attachment and retractor that allows you to spend more time fishing and less time worrying about dropping or losing your gear in the water.


  • Heavy duty retractable fishing line cutter
  • Cuts braid lines clean and smooth every time
  • Great for braid, fluoro and mono lines
  • Includes integrated blade safety mechanism
  • 420 Stainless steel cutters salt water corrosion resistant
  • UV LED features a 40 milliwatts of light emitting power
  • Super SNIP includes (1) CR1620 battery
  • Now with Carabiner attachment

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Is It Spring Yet?

I can't wait to hit the streams....and to put this Boomerang thingy to work :)
I can tell already that it will come in real handy.

Just what I needed

I bought this to go with my donmar pliers and it works great.


second set that I bought my guide on a charter was so impressed I gave him the pliers and had to replace them I would like to have been able to just replace pliers as I still have whistle and snips from first set great product and always close at hand with the tether so I gets used lots

Fantastic for the kayaker

I can’t get enough of this little tool. I’ve been using them for years now. They hold up well in Saltwater conditions while fishing from a kayak. I’m pretty rough on my gear and these hold up well over a year.