ProSheath Fishing Pliers and Sheath Combo

Product Description

T-REIGN's ProSheath Combo is comprised of 7.5” aluminum pliers and a sheath. Unlike other holders, ProSheath has an internal, retractable tether attached to the pliers, preventing drops or loss. The ProSheath ensures your fishing pliers are protected, secure and conveniently at your side.

  • Heavy-duty, thermoformed sheath covered in 600 denier nylon with 36" Kevlar® self-retracting tether reel
  • Two belt attachment options: stainless steel belt clip (up to 1.5" belt) and two fixed loop straps (2.5" wide)
  • Pliers: aluminum body with replaceable tungsten carbide cutters to easily cut braided wire and mono line
  • Corrosion resistant stainless steel jaws featuring split ring opener and crimps
  • 5-year service policy for pliers; lifetime service policy for sheath

Pliers: The aluminum body provides lightweight handling and superior corrosion resistance. Replaceable tungsten carbide cutters easily cut braided wire and mono line. Corrosion-resistant, stainless steel jaws are spring loaded, providing one-handed use for removing hooks and all your rigging needs (features split ring opener and crimps). Comfort-grip handles are slip resistant and the pliers come with a 5-year service policy.

Crimp size: The small and medium circular openings are called cup to cup. The small size will fit crimps between .1mm - .5mm. The medium size will fit crimps between .5mm-1mm.
The other crimp type is called point to cup. This is used for round section crimp sleeves and flattens one side. It can fit 1mm-2mm.

Sheath: The heavy-duty thermoformed sheath is covered in 600 denier nylon to withstand weather and wear and offers an internal, 36" retractable Kevlar reel. It can clip to a belt with its stainless steel clip or a belt can be threaded through two fixed-loop straps. It comes with a Lifetime Service Policy.

The ProSheath is also available without pliers, making it the perfect holder for securing other large pliers or multi-tools.

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Great tool and great service

The Original Fishing Snip worked so well for me I bought two as gifts. Cutting monofilament and braid is easy and it is handy to hang one from a belt loop. A tool that is always handy and works well is much appreciated. The order process was smooth and shipping quick.

Works great!

The Super Snip cuts through 80lb braid with ease and without fraying the line. Now if I could only keep the braid from sawing through my fingers...

Tool time

These tools are very handy to have when fishing and many other task

most excellent snippers

Got this as a gift. Misplaced my nail clippers on the boat and remembered the gift. Hooked it to my belt loop and began using it. Used it consistently for ten days while fishing in Alaska. Best fishing tool yet. I wouldn't go to sea without it. Saves a lot of time when removing and tying fish line. Hats off to my fishing buddy who looks after me.

Great little tool!

I finally wore out the blades on my original snips after two seasons cutting 20 lb braid that I use. Normal braid scissors usually don't last me a season. So, I got a pair of the Super Snips to replace the old snips.
I like these even better. The long blades are really nice for reaching in and cutting the braid on top water poppers that have a deep scoop mouth.
I also like the carabiner attachment. Nice to be able to quickly switch them from my vest to my pack depending on what I'm using that day.
The verdict is still out on the UV Led light. I really liked the light on my old one for tying on lures in low light. We'll see how the UV light works. Doesn't seem as bright as the old one, but may work fine.
I do wish that the new one had screws holding it together like the old one so I could take it apart and touch up the blade a bit like I did with the old one, but that's my only complaint so far.
All and all, a great little tool and being made in the USA is a big plus.