Salt Water Fishing Gift Set

Product Description

Our new Fishing Gift Sets are sure to make waves this holiday season! Give a gift any fisherman will love, or stock up on your own fishing essentials with the new fishing sets by Boomerang, the innovative brand you trust to keep your gear secure and out of the water.

You won’t find these two exclusive gift sets anywhere else! We have carefully selected the top selling items used by professional fly or salt water fishermen to make choosing the right gift for your friends and family a breeze. We’re happy to bring you the best fishing gear in one convenient gift set. Featuring our US-made retractors, our products help fishing aficionados spend more time doing what they love, and less time searching for dropped tools!

Salt Water Fishing Gift Set includes:

The Big SNIP was designed specifically for salt water fishing. The larger size easily cuts through 150lb braid and 250lb mono/fluoro lines in just one snip, and the rust resistant stainless steel blades are built to last! The key ring attachment and retractor allows you to spend more time fishing and less time worrying about dropping or losing your gear in the salt water. These are ideal for kayak fishing, salt water fishing, or those who enjoy a larger line cutter.

The ProPliers with Retractable Gear Tether. The aluminum body of the rugged pliers provides lightweight handling and superior corrosion resistance. Replaceable tungsten carbide cutters easily cut braided wire and mono line. Corrosion-resistant, stainless steel jaws are spring loaded, providing one-handed use for removing hooks and all your rigging needs (features split ring opener and crimps). Comfort-grip handles are slip resistant for added ease of use.

These pliers come secured to our super strong retractable gear tether. With a corrosion and impact resistant polycarbonate case, Kevlar cord, and tested to over 1 million pulls, this tether is guaranteed to keep your (new) favorite pliers out of the water, and right where you need them when you need them most.

The Fishing Zinger with Fox40 Safety Whistle meets current safety regulations for personal watercraft. It’s the perfect sound-producing device to attach to a life jacket or shirt, keeping you safe on the water and abiding by maritime laws. This small but mighty zinger was built in the USA with the highest quality standards and testing to keep your gear functioning to over 1 million pulls. The Fox40 safety whistle is pealess, with three chambers, and works either wet or dry at 115 dB.