The Super SNIP U/V LED

Product Description

Our most innovative SNIP yet, the Super SNIP, features a UV LED Light, Integrated Fish Hook Eye Cleaner, Retractable carabiner reel and 400 series stainless steel long blades. The UV LED conveniently charges glow jigs in seconds and provides the perfect amount of light to work with your SNIP in low light conditions. The stainless steel corrosion resistant cutters with long blades cuts braid, fluoro and mono lines clean and smooth every time.


  • Longer cutting blades for trimming flies
  • Heavy duty retractable fishing line cutter
  • Cuts clean and smooth every time
  • Great for braid, fluoro and mono lines
  • Includes integrated blade safety mechanism
  • 420 Stainless steel cutters corrosion resistant
  • U/V LED light charges glow jigs in seconds
  • Integrated fish hook eye cleaner
  • Now with carabiner attachment

Customer Reviews

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Great gift

Such a good experience to work with a professional company. Know my sportsman son will love his birthday gift!

Works great

It works really well cuts through bread and mono with ease works better then my pocket knife and way more convenient. The only problem I have with it is that the plastic clip is already broken and that the retractable part is really slow or doesn’t work some times. I just replaced the clip with a more heavy duty clip from Home Depot and it works fine now.

It really works

I have tried them all. Braid cutters, high end sewing scissors, cutting tools. This is the only product that not only cuts all types of line, it stays sharp year after year. I have two in my boat.


Best snippers iv yousd

Time saver

Cuts line fast and easy

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Awesome product

Purchased a boomerang fishing snip cutter about a year ago. Still cuts clean and is razor sharp after being used often. Any kind of braided lime, monofiliment or flourocarbon its no match for this. I'm a fishing guide and have had no problems whatsoever
Captain Mark with CPR Bass Charters


The Original Fishing SNIP

The Original Fishing SNIP with LED Light

Three to five years ago, I bought three of the original fishing snip with light-when they first came out. I am still using one of those and feel it is superior to the one I just bought. The new one seems as little cheaper. I love my first one !!!!

Haven’t used it.

See above

Best tool for cutting braid line

Throw your scissors away. This little tool is fantastic !!!! Cut braided fishing line like a hot knife thru butter. Always leaves a nice clean cut. I fasten it to my belt loop and it's always handy. I have cut monofilament and it's great.