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Great little tool!

I finally wore out the blades on my original snips after two seasons cutting 20 lb braid that I use. Normal braid scissors usually don't last me a season. So, I got a pair of the Super Snips to replace the old snips.
I like these even better. The long blades are really nice for reaching in and cutting the braid on top water poppers that have a deep scoop mouth.
I also like the carabiner attachment. Nice to be able to quickly switch them from my vest to my pack depending on what I'm using that day.
The verdict is still out on the UV Led light. I really liked the light on my old one for tying on lures in low light. We'll see how the UV light works. Doesn't seem as bright as the old one, but may work fine.
I do wish that the new one had screws holding it together like the old one so I could take it apart and touch up the blade a bit like I did with the old one, but that's my only complaint so far.
All and all, a great little tool and being made in the USA is a big plus.

The Salt Water Fishing Big SNIP

Ask I a year from now. So far so good.

Salt water big snip

worked well at first, blade rusted shortly thereafter. Won't cut 40lb. braid anymore

Fishing Freak must have

Quick and easy to use. Cuts braided and mono line with ease.

A tool that really works

Took 2 of these down to Baja on a Tony Reyes trip fishing the midriff on the Sea of Cortez for a week. The smaller model cut all thicknesses of monofilament up to the max I was using of 80 lb test. Not to mention being able to cut through spectra easily. My buddy had a set of fancy pliers that were broken by the end of the trip. I gave him my extra SNIP and he loved it. I would likely never would have bought one of these except one of my buddies that works in a tackle shop said it is the only cutter he uses now and it performs day after day. Not to mention it fits easily into your pocket without damaging your clothes.