The Simplest Way to

Cut Braided Fishing Line

The Boomerang SNIP Fishing Line Cutter has revolutionized the way anglers SNIP their lines. The SNIP line cutter tool provides the most precise, cleanest cut you can get on braid, fluoro and mono fishing lines. With a Boomerang SNIP you'll have a fishing line cutter that's always handy and never lost so you can spend more time with your line in the water and less time looking for your tool.

"That right there is why I use

Boomerang Tools"

- Scott Canterbury
Bassmaster Elite Series Pro

More Than Just Scissors

braided fishing line

Cuts Braid Line, Mono Line and Fluoro Line

Boomerang SNIP blades are made from stainless steel, heat treated and have a serrated edge. The compact and long blades cuts clean and precise through 50 lb. braid and our Big SNIP effortlessly cuts through 150 lb. braided fishing line. Boomerang SNIPs are corrosion resistant and will resist spotting and rusting for years with proper care after every use.

Retractable Tether

With Boomerang SNIP's retractable braided nylon cord and carabiner attachment your SNIP will always be handy and never lost. Just snip the fishing line and let it go, the built-in tether retracts back into place until you need it again, no more looking around the boat with your hands full for a set of fishing pliers or nippers.

retractable boomerang snip
snip line cutter

Integrated Safety Lock

Boomerang SNIP blades lock in place while not in use. A small slide of the blade handles forward will unlock the blades, cut your line then close and slide the blade back into the locked position. With the integrated safety lock your SNIPs will hang in the locked position until you need them again.

Innovative Solutions

Boomerang Tool Company has a SNIP for all your fishing needs. We have SNIPs with a U/V led light for charging glow jigs, larger SNIPs for cutting up to 150 lb. braid line out at sea and SNIPs with a cheater magnifying glass for those of us who need a better view when tying knots or trimming flies. At Boomerang Tool Company we know every fisherman is unique, so check out all our SNIP line cutters to find the right one (or two) that works for you.

cheater snip line cutter

Top Selling Snips

Original SNIP Line Cutter

The Boomerang Original Snip Line Cutter has a compact blade stainless steel blade.

Fly Fishing SNIP Line Cutter

The Fly Fishing SNIP has a longer stainless steel blade for trimming flies stream side.

Salt Water Big SNIP

The Big SNIP cuts clean through 150 lb braid and 250 lb mono and fluoro fishing lines.

What Our Fans Are Saying

A 'Must Have' In Your Tackle Box

This is this a must have in your tackle box! It does a fantastic job of cutting fishing line and even braid quickly. The retractable cable is nice when you are changing lures a lot, you can simply clip it to your belt loop. The ability to lock the cutter closed to keep it and yourself protected was also a great idea! I keep two on the boat for quick and easy use!

- Dave

An Essential Tool If You Fish Braid

I used regular clippers since I started fishing. Cutting braid needed several tries and often ended up with frayed tag ends. I don't know how I fished without these snips in the past. This is a spectacular tool and worth every penny.

- Jake B

If It's Good Enough For The Pros...

If you fish with braided line then you must have this line cutter! If you fish with Mono or Floro you should have this line cutter! If it's good enough for the pros (if you watch, they all use them) then it's good enough for me! Seriously.... it works great and I can clip it (attach it) anywhere I need to. I highly recommend this and hell yes I would buy it again!

- Stretch