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The Original Fishing SNIP with LED Light

Three to five years ago, I bought three of the original fishing snip with light-when they first came out. I am still using one of those and feel it is superior to the one I just bought. The new one seems as little cheaper. I love my first one !!!!

Haven’t used it.

See above

Best tool for cutting braid line

Throw your scissors away. This little tool is fantastic !!!! Cut braided fishing line like a hot knife thru butter. Always leaves a nice clean cut. I fasten it to my belt loop and it's always handy. I have cut monofilament and it's great.

Fishing snip

great product will be purchasing super snip next.

Amazing cutter but sub par carabiner tether.

I recently replaced an older model fishing snip with this new model. I am always amazed at the quality of the cutter itself and it works flawlessly, however where I do have an issue is with the new plastic clip. Upon attaching it to my vest I immediately saw that the arm that flexes to allow snip to be clipped on wasn’t very sturdy. Needles to say everything was perfect for about 10 trips. Unfortunately my last trip out was the last one for my snip. When I went to tie a new jig and extended the snip the plastic carabiner snapped and the momentum of that action caused my snip to fall into the river. I must say I am disappointed that such a great product has gone to being dependent on a plastic carabiner that doesn’t seem to hold together very well. I’m hopeful it was an manufacturers issue and not the “norm” for the tethering. Overall the snips are the best snips I have ever used but I am a bit hesitant to think about this happening repeatedly going forward.