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Great gift

Such a good experience to work with a professional company. Know my sportsman son will love his birthday gift!

Works great

It works really well cuts through bread and mono with ease works better then my pocket knife and way more convenient. The only problem I have with it is that the plastic clip is already broken and that the retractable part is really slow or doesn’t work some times. I just replaced the clip with a more heavy duty clip from Home Depot and it works fine now.

A must have!!

Started seeing this product pop up in videos on YouTube and was amazed at how easily it cut braid, mono and fluorocarbon. Finally picked a pair up at Academy sports and have not used a pair of scissors or a knife sense. Also check out tall fisherman J‘s YouTube channel for a Boomarang give away. Love these snips. Loyal customer for life!

Surprise surprise

In the world of fishing scissors for cutting braid lines, there are very few that live up to the task. Admittedly, the first time I saw the Boomerang, I kind of laughed them off. But upon using them to cut some heavy gauge braided line, I was pleasantly surprised by their performance. Surprise surprise!

It really works

I have tried them all. Braid cutters, high end sewing scissors, cutting tools. This is the only product that not only cuts all types of line, it stays sharp year after year. I have two in my boat.