Anglers-We Have Breaking News! TIE-FAST Joins The Boomerang Tool Co. Family!

Today, we have some very exciting news! Effective immediately, Boomerang Tool Company is now adding the TIE-FAST line of fishing tools to the Boomerang family! For 50 years, the TIE-FAST knot tying tool has been the best knot tying tool in the world and a big brand name in Fly Fishing.

“Adding the TIE-FAST brand of knot tyers, clippers and combo tools to our line of SNIP Fishing line cutters is just a no-brainer, “said Boomerang Tool’s Vice President Mike Winegar. Both brands are known for producing top tier fishing products and are trusted by Anglers everywhere. "Including the TIE-FAST brand and products with ours not only makes Boomerang Tool a premier brand in fly fishing, but bolsters to our offerings in every fishing segment globally.”


The World-Famous Knot Tyer is made of stainless steel and will help you tie a variety of knots quickly and easily. It comes in two Sizes and in Silver or Matte Black Finish.


The Tie-Fast Combo Fly-Fishing Tool includes super-sharp snips great for cutting heavy line, a nail-knot tool, an eye-cleaning needle, convenient hook file, and a hook hone.