Boomerang Tool Company is Famous for the best selling fishing line cutters on the water, the Boomerang SNIP effortlessly cuts clean and precise through braid, mono, and fluoro fishing lines in just one snip. Don't take our word for it though, read what our fans have to say our Boomerang Retractable Outdoor Products.
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Time saver

This this retractable line cutter is a lifesaver and Time saver you can hook it to your belt loop or anywhere on yourself and it's right there you don't have to search around for a pair of scissors to cut your line

Worth Every Penny

I bought this for a set of high dollar fishing pliers as the one that holster they came with was awful. Best thing I ever did. The fact that it has built in loops made things more stable and secure. I just wish they made a holster for forceps.

Great for my pin pointer - Scuba Retractable Gear Tether

Finally a retractable tether that is durable - I use this to attach my pin pointer / probe when metal detecting under water.

great way to keep track of tools /etc

great way to keep track of tools /etc. while flyfishing, already own a couple for my wife and I wanted some extras so I didn't have to decide what not to attach.

Salt Water Big SNIP Fishing Line Cutter Cuts 150 lb. Braided Fishing Line

Wire Cutter

Does the original snip cut wire.
I was reading the advertisement (gear guide) in the May/June 2022 Tail Fly fishing magazine and it’s states it cuts wire.
But not seeing that stated here.
Is that that Salt water snip for wire?
This looks like a great product and would purchase regardless but want to know which model for wire

Original SNIP Boomerang Fishing Line Cutter with LED Light for Fishing in Low Light Conditions, Cuts 50 lb. Braided Fishing Line


Have not received what I've ordered, wrong thing shipped first time, took my 5 days to finally get a hold of someone 21 days and still waiting

TIE-FAST Original Knot Tyer Fishing Line Tying Tool with Boomerang Retractable Zinger Combo

Best line snipper ever

Have been using them for years. Need one in every tackle box and every boat.

Small and tuff

Works great I've been cutting 100 pound test mono and 130 pound braid great product

Great products - well made

Everything good except shipping was very slow

SNIP Boomerang Fishing Line Cutter with LED Light for Fishing in Low Light Conditions

Premium Snip and Splice 3 PC. Kit

I have used boomerang products for a number of years and bought several of these as gifts. I have never had a issue with the snips nor the retractors but the lights in them rarely lasted more than a year which is the only reason for 4 stars rather than 5.

Quality product

I have purchased many items from this company. Never had an issue with any item. The service is great

Boomerang Tool Company Long SNIP Cheaters Fishing Line Cutter with Fly Trimming Magnifying Glass, Cuts 50 lb. Braided Fishing Line

Great cutter

I like how compact and Sharp this cutter is great for any tackle box

Great fishing tool!

I've been using one of these for several years and now couldn't imagine going fishing without it!
Strong and durable too. I keep one in my boats and my kayak. I've never had one fail unless I stepped on it or something similar...
Buy one, you won't regret it...

Original SNIP Fishing Line Cutter for Cutting Braided Fishing Line

Great product

Product performs as advertised. Prompt service, fair price, and I was informed the status, and wearabouts of my order. In today’s world, you can’t ask for a better purchasing experience.

Original SNIP Fishing Line Cutter for Cutting Braided Fishing Line

Pro holster review

Very nice but I but like it to fit tighter on my belt. Not a deal breaker though.

love it but.....

although I love the sheath and functionality of it, I am disappointed in the quality of the belt clip. I bent over to remove a hook from a fish and the belt clip bent, the pliers and sheath came off my belt and fortunately fell on the deck (luckily not overboard). For the price, I would expect a better clip than what I would call a flimsy piece of metal.