Boomerang Tool Company is Famous for the best selling fishing line cutters on the water, the Boomerang SNIP effortlessly cuts clean and precise through braid, mono, and fluoro fishing lines in just one snip. Don't take our word for it though, read what our fans have to say our Boomerang Retractable Outdoor Products.
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great for all lines

perfect for all fisherman

I am a bead weaver......

and I use Fireline, Wildfire, and Nanofil most of the time. My Boomerang tool is the best flush cutter I've found. Love it......have several.

Must Have

Comes in very handy in my Hobie kayak.

Boomerang cutter

Good cutters but the retractable lanyard should be non retractable with jus a ring to attache it to a retractable lanyard last pair the retractable spring wore out and the cutter would work anymore

Best snips around

Truly the most convenient best snips I've used hands down.
Thanks Boomerang

Thanks for your review Aaron!

Industrial strength.

There is little more to say about these products. If you want something that will last, this is it.

Using it for work.

It gets pulled out and retracted multiple times per day. No issues so far.

Fishing Boomerang Tool Company Retractable Gear Tether with a Universal Easy Change End Fitting

Electronics Boomerang Tool Company Retractable Gear Tether with Switch Lock and Removable Electronics Attachment

Loose Fit

Pliers won't stay secure holster

Original SNIP Fishing Line Cutter for Cutting Braided Fishing Line

Look like a great product!

Haven’t used it in salt water yet, that will be the test!

Great quality line cutting tool

This line cutting tool is easy to use and very well made. The light on this tool is very useful when it gets late in the evening. I would recommend this product to anyone looking for a convenient and quality made line cutting tool.

salt water big snip

starting to rust,cutter is not cutting braid sharp, zinger is weak and hangs 6" below retracter.

top quality

Perfect tool as it keeps my tools close at hand with easy access


Always handy and they cut braid like butter


just getting ready to try them like good

the right tool for the job

I received one of these line cutters as a present. It is always on my side when i am on the water.I ordered this line cutter for my son. Hopefully he will learn to appreciate having something to cut his line on his side always ready to go.

Original SNIP Fishing Line Cutter for Cutting Braided Fishing Line

Exactly what I need and better than expected

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Snip it works great does the job on braided lines

Great line cutter

I have used this line cutter for the past 3 years and it works great. Cuts cleanly through 50# braid and all other lines. Highly recommend for fishing.

Expensive toll with no directions

I purchased the tool expecting directions in the container, disappointed. Went to the website for how this tool helped with knots, again disappointed. Guess I am too dumb to figure it out. The next section on this review is entitled "Picture (OPTIONAL). Don't I wish.