Boomerang Tool Company is Famous for the best selling fishing line cutters on the water, the Boomerang SNIP effortlessly cuts clean and precise through braid, mono, and fluoro fishing lines in just one snip. Don't take our word for it though, read what our fans have to say our Boomerang Retractable Outdoor Products.
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the right tool for the job

I received one of these line cutters as a present. It is always on my side when i am on the water.I ordered this line cutter for my son. Hopefully he will learn to appreciate having something to cut his line on his side always ready to go.

Original SNIP Fishing Line Cutter for Cutting Braided Fishing Line

Exactly what I need and better than expected

The ProHolster Electronics Protective Holster for Radios and Handheld GPS is exactly what is needed to carry the GMRS radio. It is a well engineered and soundly made adaptable holster. Just what an active person needs to hold and protect their GMRS radio.


Snip it works great does the job on braided lines

Great line cutter

I have used this line cutter for the past 3 years and it works great. Cuts cleanly through 50# braid and all other lines. Highly recommend for fishing.

Expensive toll with no directions

I purchased the tool expecting directions in the container, disappointed. Went to the website for how this tool helped with knots, again disappointed. Guess I am too dumb to figure it out. The next section on this review is entitled "Picture (OPTIONAL). Don't I wish.

Not Just for Fishing Anymore!!!

Recommended to me by another bead artist. Handy tool for snipping thread while beading. The magnifier and light are nice to have if needed....

Great Product helps me a lot on the water in a kayak

Cuts Braid well I fish at night so the light will be helpful Thank You


I purchased the cutters to use on beading projects that are woven with fishing line. They are sharp and precise.

Amazing Anglers Tool

So I’ve been using this for a while now and it is an amazing tool for all anglers, especially Kayak anglers in particular! 
The only downside for me was it felt like it was upside down. Which I know is perfect for when you’re using it as a normal phone etc but I use mine for videos as well. Other than that I thought it to be an amazing tool!!!💯

Clean cuts

Cuts any mono....clean! Cuts any braid too. But you do have to put a little tension on the braid for a clean cut!

How can I give a review on a product I NEVER received!!!!

Terrible service. Was charged for the items, given a tracking number, and yet weeks later, NEVER either received the items, nor was the tracking status ever updated to show that they were even picked up by UPS!!! I am submitting PayPal for a refund. I should have never deviated ordering from my original vender for these. Good thing I really didn't need them immediately.

Finally a retractable tether that can actually be used for a tool.

I use my multipurpose tool throughout the day but use to spend as much time locating where I left it as time that I used it. Now I keep it stashed just inside my right pants pocket with the retractor attached to a belt loop.

Awesome line snipper!

works as advertised. Awesome line cutter, snips braided line smooth and easy, no tension needed on line.

Use for more than fishing

I use my tether to save my cell phone. I attach the tether to a stick-on-ring on my cell phone and clip it to my waist. When I drop my cell phone, it never hits the ground. Saved myself lots of money and the bother of replacing phones. Thank for your such a versatile product. Also attached it to a small point-and-shoot camera to avoid the obvious catastrophe of dropping it.

A “Cut” Above The Rest!

I am a Bead Artist and use fishing line in my beadwork...These snips cut thru my line like butter!! After all my years of beading, these snips are far and away the very best to for cutting my “threads!” Maybe I’ll take up fishing!!

Look awesome

Haven’t had a chance to use them as of yet

Working as hoped

The large retractor is working as hoped to keep my Garmin Pro 550 ion place while working my dog and hunting.

Beading Snips

Love my new snips which I use to cut my fishing line I use for beading... I can get very close with no thread showing.....I got the short snip but now want to get a pair with longer blades....These are my new “go to” snips for cutting my beading threads.

Protect your Electronics

We can all live without " Oh Sh__ " moments in the field when you realize you've lost a $1,000, dog tracker trainer GPS. Won't happen with the ProHolster, teathered to a secured shoulder holster and bungee corded in place so it doesn't fall out while scrambling. Solid equipment, highly recommend it. May be a bit small for units over 6 inches tall.

Retractable Scuba Diving Tether with Universal and Split Ring Easy Change End Fittings

Missing Snips!

I’d love to review them but I haven’t received them yet. Tracking says they’ve been delivered however they have not actually been delivered.


I use it for my GPS while Hiking/Geocaching. It heavy duty and last.


I don’t know I haven’t received it yet !!!