Boomerang Tool Company is Famous for the best selling fishing line cutters on the water, the Boomerang SNIP effortlessly cuts clean and precise through braid, mono, and fluoro fishing lines in just one snip. Don't take our word for it though, read what our fans have to say our Boomerang Retractable Outdoor Products.
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Awesome line snipper!

works as advertised. Awesome line cutter, snips braided line smooth and easy, no tension needed on line.

Use for more than fishing

I use my tether to save my cell phone. I attach the tether to a stick-on-ring on my cell phone and clip it to my waist. When I drop my cell phone, it never hits the ground. Saved myself lots of money and the bother of replacing phones. Thank for your such a versatile product. Also attached it to a small point-and-shoot camera to avoid the obvious catastrophe of dropping it.

A “Cut” Above The Rest!

I am a Bead Artist and use fishing line in my beadwork...These snips cut thru my line like butter!! After all my years of beading, these snips are far and away the very best to for cutting my “threads!” Maybe I’ll take up fishing!!

Look awesome

Haven’t had a chance to use them as of yet

Working as hoped

The large retractor is working as hoped to keep my Garmin Pro 550 ion place while working my dog and hunting.

Beading Snips

Love my new snips which I use to cut my fishing line I use for beading... I can get very close with no thread showing.....I got the short snip but now want to get a pair with longer blades....These are my new “go to” snips for cutting my beading threads.

Protect your Electronics

We can all live without " Oh Sh__ " moments in the field when you realize you've lost a $1,000, dog tracker trainer GPS. Won't happen with the ProHolster, teathered to a secured shoulder holster and bungee corded in place so it doesn't fall out while scrambling. Solid equipment, highly recommend it. May be a bit small for units over 6 inches tall.

Retractable Scuba Diving Tether with Universal and Split Ring Easy Change End Fittings

Missing Snips!

I’d love to review them but I haven’t received them yet. Tracking says they’ve been delivered however they have not actually been delivered.


I use it for my GPS while Hiking/Geocaching. It heavy duty and last.


I don’t know I haven’t received it yet !!!

It took almost 2 weeks to arrive after paying for the 2 day shipping. I gave these out to a few friends as gifts. They better work!

Your friends are going to love these! Sorry, to hear that the shipping company took so long to get it to you. That's just one of the reasons why we made sure to get your order out the door as promised. We'd love to hear how much your friends love their SNIPS fishing line cutters.

Best thing

Best thing on the boat besides fish and friends😎

Excellent caring company.

Never put my apartment number down ,they called me and within a couple of days my order came in. Wish more company’s were like this. An excellent product also

Radio holster

I have not used them yet but the look well made. Please send me another request after Dec 18th. I will have tested them.

It is a little larger than expected. But it is a quality product. I ordered two more but a smaller size.

Fishing Easy Change End Fitting Combo Pack for Retractable Gear Tethers

As advertised

I was a little skeptic because all of the other competitors out there promised the same thing just to fail once you get the product. This product worked as advertised. I’ve used it on old and new braid and it works as advertised. Well worth the money. The LED light is also a good addition.

Great Snips

Great Snips awesome design I am a return customer


It cuts braid perfectly. My husband used it & was very happy with how it cut line while on the boat.

Great product

Retractable cord is much better than coiled hoed hanging and getting snagged on stuff when moving around the cockpit of the boat

Electronics Easy Change End Fitting Combo Pack for Retractable Gear Tethers