Boomerang Tool Company is Famous for the best selling fishing line cutters on the water, the Boomerang SNIP effortlessly cuts clean and precise through braid, mono, and fluoro fishing lines in just one snip. Don't take our word for it though, read what our fans have to say our Boomerang Retractable Outdoor Products.
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Works great

Initially bought this to attach my diving console, however I have an old school bulky console and it’s too heavy for this clip. I used it for my dive light instead and have been very happy about it!

I own 4 -- very happy!

I fish all over the US West Coast with these snips and love them!

Own four different pairs currently, two are from my favorite tackleshop Charkbait.

Got a separate tacklebox for each fishing discipline I do and put a snip in each box (fly fishing box, freshwater box, saltwater box, surf fishing box). That way I don't forget to bring the snips on my trips.

I rate these original snips 4 out of 5 stars easily. Nearly destroyed one pair by dropping it in the EXTREMELY silty mud of Ship Creek in downtown Anchorage, Alaska. The snips failed to cut and retract afterwards but that's understandable. I disassembled the snip and partially repaired it after rinsing the silt out with lots of water. Now it's back to 80% but that was a serious chore getting the powerful spring back inside correctly. Sand from surf fishing can also cause issues but just take care and you'll be fine.

Overall: highly recommend.

Excited About Retractable Scuba Diving Tether with Universal and Split Ring Easy Change End Fittings

I bought the largest size Retractable Scuba Diving Tether because of the Universal End Fitting. I needed something adjustable that would work with my camera dive housing when I went SCUBA diving. Out of the water it works great. Looking forward to taking it diving next month.

Product sucked

Do not buy this product. Much better ones in the market.

Fishing Boomerang Tool Company Retractable Gear Tether with a Universal Easy Change End Fitting


This past order of THREE more LONG-NOSED cutters are for Christmas the past have ordered several for myself and as gifts for fellow fishermen! Without a doubt THE BEST LINE CUTTERS I have ever bought in my past 60+ years of fishing...John Castelluccio

Retractable Gear Tether with a Universal Easy Change End Fitting

I have bought the Retractable Gear Tether with a Universal Easy Change End Fitting and found it perfectly to my liking! It is a very solid design with the perfect adjustment of the spring, perfect cord length makes me use it on daily basis.

Split ring end fitting for gear tether

The split ring end fitting for my retractable T-Reign gear tether works great.

Super easy to use

Got this for my GoPro while scuba diving. It’s super easy to use but I should have got a stronger one because my GoPro hangs a little when I am out of the water.


Smooth purchase, smooth cutting!

Great tool

Love how close I can get to the eye and have a clean cut.

Great tool

Amazing product

I recently purchased the cooler mate, and I absolutely love it. It is so handy , I take it everywhere . Easy to use. They even have a clip so you can attach your towel to it. This is a must buy !

Great gadget

Helps tie knots with nimble fingers

Boomerang 🪃 cutter

Best tool on the market! Worth every penny.

Perfect tool

My husband loves his new useful gadget. It was his birthday present…

Works like a snap!

I never have to ask, “Where’s my line cutter?” Cause it’s right THERE. Sharp and ready to bite!

Good replacement pieces

Fit well, and met my needs.

Very handy

I bought the largest size just in case I decided to use it for something else. But I attached it to my range finder and clipped it onto my bino case for security! Worked great for riffle hunting. Could be loud for archery if you let it retract on its own because the two pieces of plastic hit quick. So far I really like it. But I only used it for one week.

Amazing cutters

Have tried several different tools over the years for cutting braided line. Nothing even comes close to your product. Smooth as silk. Thank you for a superior product.

Universal Easy Change End Fitting for Boomerang Tool Company Retractable Gear Tethers

Best Ever !!

I have used the original with the shorter blades. Should of bought the longer bladed ones first. They work great. The UV light is a plus as well.