The Original Fishing SNIP with LED Light

Product Description

The Boomerang Original Fishing SNIP with LED light is a revolutionary product that was developed specifically for night fishing and ice fishing, or those who appreciate a little extra light to see what they are cutting. These line cutters allow you to spend more time fishing and less time worrying about dropping or losing your gear in the water, or digging around your tackle box to find the right tool. These innovative fishing line scissors cut through braid, mono, and fluoro lines clean and smooth every time in one simple click! The SNIPS are a must for every tackle box.


  • Heavy duty retractable fishing line cutter
  • Cuts clean and smooth every time
  • Great for braid, fluoro and mono lines
  • Includes integrated blade safety mechanism
  • Available in grey or black
  • 420 Stainless steel cutters corrosion resistant
  • Replaceable Maxwell LR1130 battery included
  • Now with carabiner attachment

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
most excellent snippers

Got this as a gift. Misplaced my nail clippers on the boat and remembered the gift. Hooked it to my belt loop and began using it. Used it consistently for ten days while fishing in Alaska. Best fishing tool yet. I wouldn't go to sea without it. Saves a lot of time when removing and tying fish line. Hats off to my fishing buddy who looks after me.


Overall design is Ok. Light isn't really bright. If you're not careful, you can completely lose the cap for the batteries, rendering the light useless. Snipping tool may get stuck from time to time while trying to cut multiple lines.

Great Idea!

Got this as a gift and had never thought of using one before, I always just used a knife to cut my line. Its super easy to use and it cuts right through my knots so there is nothing left on my hook or lure.

one of those gadgets you didn't know you needed until you had it.

no clue if the battery is replaceable, but put one on my fishing vest and one on my fishing back pack and about to order a third to leave on kayak full time. takes a little getitng used toi as they are not as "springy" as you would think like a pair of clippers, but it cuts braided/mono/fluro like a champ.

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The Super SNIP U/V LED


Love them

Christmas Gift

Have not had a chance to put to a good test. Cut some braid and it works fine. Batteries were DOA so I'm not sure about light.

no comment

since I ha e not receivedmy order yet I have no comment.
Now a late Christmas gift

A Real Winner

It really works. I've tried a number of other scissors, but nothing cuts braid like the Boomerang. It cuts through the braid easily while it's taut or loose. Like the retractable cord for easy access. A great buy!